David Rader studied glassblowing in 1974 & 1975 at The Columbus College of Art and Design under Bob Coleman. He rarely had the opportunity to blow glass over the years until 2001 when Hudson Beach Glass bought an 1890, 3 story Firehouse in Beacon, NY. He worked with them during the renovation work and the set-up of a Hot Shop in 2003. They opened in October 2003 and he's been blowing glass on the weekends since then. He considers it a great privilege to be blowing glass again and to have a relationship with the fine group of people at Hudson Beach Glass.

He typically works by himself, so nothing that he makes is overly elaborate. Mostly he makes individual vessels of varied shapes, colors and pattern designs. He makes paperweights and large marbles as well. He has accumulated a stock of items that he's made and would like to make it available for sale beyond his local acquaintances. Hopefully this website will provide an opportunity to share the art of glassblowing and a product of the art form. Thank you for your interest.