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  • Step 1: Glass is gathered from the furnace.
  • Step 2: The first gathering is shaped using a graphite paddle.
  • Step 3: The gathering is reheated in the furnace.
  • Step 4: The hot gathering is rolled in granules of crushed colored glass.
  • Step 5: The colored hot glass is plunged into the mold to rib the surface and concentrate the color into stripes.
  • Step 6: The ribbed gathering is shaped on the marving table.
  • Step 7: The hot glass is tooled to create a pattern.
  • Step 8: The glass is blocked with a cupped wooden block to shape it.
  • Step 9: The glass bubble is blown and elongated.
  • Step 10: A neck is created for the vessel with the jacks.
  • Step 11: The bottom of the glass bubble is flattened to create a bottom for the vessel.
  • Step 12: The punty is attached to the bottom of the vessel to detach the vessel from
    the blowpipe.
  • Step 13: The piece is inflated with the puffer tool.
  • Step 14: The mouth of the vessel is opened with the jacks.